The United Arc - May 2020 Newsletter


I hope you are safe and well during these turbulant times.  I am happy to report that The United Arc has continued in full operation thanks to all of our hard-working, dedicated, essential staff.  

Please stay healthy and join in on some of our virutual gatherings as time will allow.

Lynne Marie Bielecki
Executive Director

Welcome to The United Arc Team

Hired March 2020:
Donna Rhodes,
Family Support, AWC, Direct Support Professional
Sammy Erika,
Adult Services, Residential, George Street, Direct Support Professional
Michelle Boutell,
Nurse,  Adult Services
Janice Marine,
Adult Services, Residential, Hastings A, Direct Support Professional
Bob Turner,
Family Support, In Home Support, Direct Support Professional
Lynn Olynik,
Staff Accountant
Ashley Richards,
Adult Services, Residential, Relief, Direct Support Professional
Dylan Beland,
Adult Services, Residential, Relief, Direct Support Professional


Hired April 2020:
Steve McConley,
Maintenance Staff Associate
Adriana Vazquez,
Adult Services, In Home Support, Direct Support Professional
Amy Wheeler,
Adult Services, Residential, Hastings A, Direct Support Professional
Xavier Cruz,
Adult Services, Residential, Relief, Direct Support Professional
Isis Anadon,
Adult Services, Residential, Relief, Direct Support Professional

Are you interested in joining our fabulous team or know someone who is looking for a career opportunity that makes a difference in lives of others? Check out all the wonderful jobs we are currently offering by clicking the "Career Opportunities" button below.

Adult Services Practices Social Distancing

The COVID-19 scare has not stopped our Adult Services programs from getting together, safely.  Individuals enjoy crafts, games and more while keeping a 6-foot distance.  Individuals are also enjoying a Wednesday concert series in the parking lot!  If you know someone who might be willing to donate their talent to play or sing for an hour, please let the Director of Adult Services, Juli Moreno know!  (413) 774-5558 x 1067.


Providing Support of Sensory Items

The Positive Parenting & Family Support programs have received some funding to be able to provide some sensory items to help support some of the families we serve such as Lachlan and his mom Chris.  

Our programs have continued to support all families while children are being homeschooled.  


The Other Heroes

Written by Jan Doody

In the midst of the coronavirus, we are surrounded by heroes. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, people working at group homes, grocery store employees – all of these people are putting themselves at risk every day for the benefit of the rest of us.

I have met a number of other people that I consider heroes – grandparents raising their grandchildren. Last October, I became the Grandparent & Kinship Care Resource Coordinator at the United Arc in Turners Falls. In that role I have become acquainted with a number of extraordinary people whom I consider to be heroes. After having raised their own children, these folks were called upon to welcome their grandchildren into their homes and become parents again. When they may have been planning their retirements and “empty nest” existence with occasional babysitting gigs, these plans were put on hold in order to provide care for their grandchildren when the children’s parents were unable to do so.

Because of the current opioid crisis and other trends, more and more grandparents are taking on the role of parents by providing a loving and safe environment for their grandchildren. No matter how challenging it has been for grandparents to take on this role, they all affirm that it is best for the children to be with familiar adults in a familiar setting and most importantly, to be with family.

These grandparents have found themselves having to navigate the school day, cope with behavior problems, remember doctor appointments and arrange play dates.  There are meals to prepare, clothes shopping, monitoring screen time – all of the activities of being a parent. All of this can be exhausting and frustrating in the best of times but these days, it is even more challenging. Children are not in school and caretaking has become a 24/7 proposition. Meal preparation and house cleaning chores have become more time consuming and there is no down time.  In addition, there are restrictions on getting together with friends and relatives. There is also concern that someone in the family will get sick. Grandparents are more at risk due to their age and worry that even they may not be around to take care of the children.

So to these heroes I say, “Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your courage and steadfastness. Thank you for being there for your grandchildren. Thank you for stepping up when your children and grandchildren needed you. Thank you for your service.”



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